Original story by Thomas Khawam
Written and directed by Thomas Khawam & Sébastien Baccala
Action-Comedy / 121 min / 2:39 / Color / 5.1
Represented by Glass House Distribution

Pitch: We get in, we get the package, we get out, without getting crossed”. Chloe, Stan and Mike are a trio of collectors from the SDI unit, and this is their motto. While they were on a mission for the French government to intercept a mysterious briefcase, this group of friend get in real trouble when Mike decided to open the package and get involved with whatever was in it…

With: Thomas Khawam, Aurore Planas, Pierre André, Laurent Léca, Isabelle Valentin, Frédéric Souterelle, Noah Baumont, Garance Teillet…

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