From writing to post-production, we help your vision come to life. 

We are an entertainment company based in Paris and operating worldwide.
We produce feature films, documentaries, music videos, short films, commercials and inspiring content to be distributed across all media plateforms.

Specialized in fictional movies and special effects, we apply the same rigor and exigencies these areas require to every kind of projects. 
Our great polyvalence allows us to work on all kinds of communication tool, whether it is a commercial, a corporate video, brand content or a music video.
With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide technical and practical solutions for every stages of your project.
We engage with a great variety of artists from all over the world to create impactful visual stories and experiences.

We are proud of building client’s and artist’s brands through cinematic live action films and cutting edge special effects ranging from handmade prosthetics to CGI.

Our goal is simple: using all mediums available in our playing fields to convey authentic, compelling and innovative stories.
OUR founders

Our CEO and head of a SFX and Make Up department

With her, everything is about colors, textures and numbers. After graduating from ITM Paris school, she specialized in SFX through multiple trainings at Kameleon Studio, where she learnt cutting edge technics with veteran artist Morgan Hildebrand. While working as a make up artist on numerous projects, she developed her skills as a stylist and costume and prop designer.

She is also the head of production for every one of our projects.

Our Vice – CEO and head of VFX department

With him, everything is about storytelling and geeking is way out of any problems. After completing his training as a director at Luc Besson’s “Ecole de la Cité” in Paris, he attended the American VFX School “Rebelway” to become a certified Nuke Compositor and Houdini Generalist.

In addition, he has a solid background in livestreaming and broadcasting event through his work as a Live Stream Director and Vmix Operator for a great variety of clients.
our team

Our Executive Producer

With him, everything is about kicking costs’ asses. Coming from a very solid acting and action film background (former teacher at Olivier Belmondo’s “L’Entrée des Artistes”, also stunt and combat specialist credited on numerous projects).

He is the brain behind our second feature film “DSI : Département secret d’Intervention”.

Our head of Editing Department

With him, everything is about rhythm and finding the perfect cut. He was trained at EICAR school in Paris, where he graduated as a director, editor and camera operator.
Since then, he worked on countless projects, mostly for luxury brands.
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