Our SFX department is capable of creating anything, from small props to very complex prosthetics. We have our own fully equipped workshop, so we control every step of the making process. 
We offer a wide range of skills:
Design of creatures, props and prosthetics
Making of life casts
Sculpting and casting any type of models
Work with silicons, latex, foams, resin, fabrics, plastics and other materials
Do on set prosthetics
Creation of aging prosthetics or on set aging make up with latex
Hair implantation on prosthetics and props
Kiloutou (client: Tulipe & Cie): making a friendly looking alien suit.

Tasks: designing the Alien from scratch, creating props (tails, fake feet/shoes), creating the chest and head prosthetics, handling on set practical effect (smoke coming out of ears).
Case study:
Nurofen (client: Raise Up Films): making a zombie and a white walker.

Tasks : designing from scratch the zombie and the white walker (but with enough differences with the original design so their will not be royalties problems), creating the zombie in the workshop then apply and color the prothetic on set, create live on set silicon prosthetic for the white walker (budget restrictions).

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